Work schedule

We strive to complete a full refurbishment of a bathroom without cutting any corners.

The work will take between 2 ½ to 3 weeks maximum. As a guide we will operate between Monday and Friday between 8am and 4pm but this can vary depending on work schedules. You will be informed each day of the progress and what time we will be starting the following day.

Adam will oversee the entire project from start to finish, ensuring a smooth and efficient process. All trade people used are a close local team who have regularly worked together for a long time and this is key to us ensuring a high standard is always maintained.

The ceiling and walls will be plastered bringing any decorated areas to a polished finish ready for painting with absolutely no humps and bumps that could show up in the paintwork!

Tiled areas will be levelled and smoothed over to allow a smooth operation for the tiler. This will keep all the tiles level and avoid any lipped tiles edges that separate DIY from professionally completed work

Shower trays will be installed as low as possible to leave a minimum lip into the tray and avoid any step or plinth area. In most situations the tray is recessed in the floor, creating that almost seamless walk in effect that makes you feel like you are on holiday!

Once the plaster is dry, we will carry out the first stage of decorating which will consist of a mist coat on the ceiling, and walls if necessary, followed by 2 topcoats. This will allow us to get a much neater straight line around the edges of the top tile to the ceiling.

The tiling will commence at this stage and will usually take 2 to 3 days. On the first day you will be able to discuss tiling details such as the tile layout, grout colours and trims. A selection of grout colours will be available to compare.

Once the tiling has finished, we will commence with the second fix which can take 3 to 4 days and will consist of fitting the new suite. All the preparation that has gone in to ensuring all these square straight edges will now really pay off when we start lining furniture and shower screens to the walls.

On the last day we will carry out the 2nd stage of decorating which will cover any touching up of the ceiling and walls where needed. Any woodwork will be rubbed down primed and painted to really bring it up new and fresh again.

We will remove any floor protection that would have been laid down at the beginning, have a big clean and arrange for the skip to be taken away containing all the rubbish associated with the bathroom, leaving your home clean and tidy for you to enjoy your new bathroom which will come with a 12 month peace of mind fitters guarantee.